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Amateur-Radio-Holidays in Greece

At the radio station SV0IE
Imagine ...
you spend your holidays in our greek house in sunny Kalamata while enjoying the Amateur Radio. If you are a licensed radio ham, I have a first class radio shack and a lot of sophisticated antennas for you:

Station: SV0IE (DL2YAG)

ShortWave - Transceiver: Yaesu FT-901 DM, Icom IC 726, Linear Alpha 78

ShortWave - Receiver: Yaesu FRG-7, Keyer ETM4

VHF/UHF Transceiver: Kenwood TM- 742 E three bands, Kenwood TH75E.

Antennas: TH7DX, 7ele. 4 Band Beam, GPA3 vertical, G5RV Longwire, Inverted V, 2m Yagi, 2m GP, 70cm Yagi.

Planning for:23cm and 6m bands too

Pactor, Amtor, RTTY: Laptop, PTC 1

Computer: Old Compaq Pentium II, Internet wLAN, Printer, USV, a.m.m.

7 Element 4 
      Band Beam
7 Element 5 Band Beam

The radio shack from SV0IE Radio shack renewed

In autumn 2003 the radio shack got a new and more modern face. All units are inbuilt with better access for smooth operation. One more transceiver for HF as well as for VHF have been integrated too. Also one more Komet vertical antenna for UHF and VHF is now added to the other antennas on our roof. That helps to more direct connections to Crete and Kefallonia islands and other places on 145 MHz.
The big beam outside the house from another view
The big beam outside the house from another view



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