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Description of way to us in Greece

(not only from Germany)

By Charter Airlines
Direct-Flights to Kalamata during summertime (May until October) are available from London, Manchester and other english cities.

By plane
Direct flights during all year from all international airports worldwide to Saloniki and Athens. Early morning flights on Tue. Fr. and Sunday available from Saloniki to Kalamata.. Before travelling, you may ask your travel agent, air line company or us about details.

Immediately you can travel with Olympic Airlines on every So., Tue. and Fr. the distance Thessaloniki - Kalamata - Thessaloniki. Times: 06:45am from Saloniki. From Kalamata at 08:30am. Before the reservation of the journey I recommend an appropriate inquiry with your travel agency.

Charter flights starting from England
During the summer months charter flights start also from London and Manchester Sundays in each case to the airport Kalamata.

Our house
By car and ferry boat
Daily ferryboats are cruising from Trieste, Venice, Ancona and Bari to Patras. You travel via Switzerland or Austria to the mediterranean harbours in Italy.(If you take the motorways, be aware of the fees) The major boat lines are: Superfast-, Minoan-, Strintzis or Anek Lines. Duration about 18 - 20 hours if you travel from Ancona. On arrival in Patras you take the european highway E55 to Kalamata
From Athens by greek train
Not only for fans or adventurers is this ride with the greek train from Athens to Kalamata a definite must . The ticket is even cheaper than the bus ticket (below 20 Euro) and - believe it or not: you can travel for about 7 hours. Thats the exact time table from Athens to Kalamata. So: Have some extra time in your luggage.
Bridge at night

That is the new suspension bridge in close proximity to Patras.
From Athens by coach
Speed bus, interesting and cheap (below 20 Euro) It will take roughly 4 hours with one break at the wellknown Street of Corinthos. From the airport in Athens via Korinthos, Tripolis to the bus terminal in Kalamata city

As a certain reward you will meet nearly all kinds of greek people in the train, carrying their things and guiding their chicken, ducks or sheeps around.
Our friends Malu and Peter at Bus station Kalamata
The nice mini train moves from Athens via Corinthos and Tripolis up into the mountains and high plateau of peloponnes, passing a lot of mini stations, bridges and curves, before arriving in the messinian capital city of Kalamata. We are sure, you will really enjoy and never forget it. I will send the scheduled time table Airport - Corinthos (80 minutes) on request
Wishing you a good journey and looking foreward to welcoming you in our greek house
J├╝rgen Eisinga



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